East Point Towers Condominium


City Commission Redistricting


In the City’s decennial redistricting process, we were slated to be moved to Commission District 1 from Commission District 2 (where the rest of Lake Ridge would remain).  No other neighborhood’s population was to be split by the redistricting process, and we did not believe that Lake Ridge should be treated differently.  We reasoned with the City and, in December 2013, we prevailed.  We are staying in District 2.



The first page of the City Commission Districts maps displays the district boundaries as they existed following the decennial redistricting process that was based on the 2000 Census, and the second page displays the district boundaries as recommended (in February 2013) by the City’s Reapportionment Committee based on the 2010 Census.  As you can see on the second page, East Point Towers lies in “Area 18” — which was intended to be moved from District 2 to District 1.  On the other hand, the rest of Lake Ridge (of which we were not yet a part in February 2013) was to stay in District 2.


On December 3, 2013, the City Commission agreed to keep “Area 18” in District 2, along with the rest of Lake Ridge, to avoid splitting Lake Ridge between two City Commission districts.  The City’s web site allows you to watch the proceedings of the December 3 Commission meeting, at which the speakers in favor of keeping “Area 18” in District 2 were, respectively, Charlie King (Victoria Park resident), Margharita Nehme (EPT Treasurer), Steve Dolgin (EPT Secretary), Greg Brintlinger (EPT President), and Shannon Harmeling (Lake Ridge Civic Association President).  As you can see in the video, your 157 signatures on our petition over the Thanksgiving weekend were instrumental in achieving our objective!


As of this writing, the new Commission District maps are not yet available on the City’s web site in final form.  As it happens, “Area 18” was drawn to be coextensive with Census Block 1010 of Census Tract 407.02, and Block 1010 excluded a portion of 1400 North Federal Highway (the Second Presbyterian Church property, which is now in Lake Ridge), and included five homes along Northeast 14th Court (which are in Laudergate Isles).  The redistricting ordinance is scheduled to be amended (with the second reading probably to be January 22, 2014) to correct these unintended situations, by placing all of the 1400 North Federal Highway property in District 2 and the five homes in District 1.  The amendment will, of course, not affect East Point Towers, which will remain in District 2 along with the rest of Lake Ridge.



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